Crypto payments platform Alchemy Pay partners with Fintech unicorn NIUM

Cryptocurrency payments gateway Alchemy Pay has partnered with Fintech giant NIUM in a deal that will see the platform leverage NIUM’s global payments network to enable faster and cheaper client pay-outs.

NIUM, a global payments platform that provides payments and card issuance solutions, currently operates in 190+ countries and has licenses in eleven key regions such as The UK, Europe, USA, and Singapore – enabling Alchemy Pay to extend its reach further into global markets.

This expansive network will now be utilized by Alchemy Pay to provide “improved speed, cost, and coverage” when using the platform and bring greater access to cryptocurrency payments to a global audience.

Alchemy Pay, which acts as a ‘bridge between crypto and fiat economies’ has continued to integrate into emerging blockchains such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Algorand – allowing users to “enter crypto ecosystems directly” via leading fiat payment channels such as Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Noted for its ‘hybrid crypto-fiat payment system’, Alchemy Pay also enables merchants to accept offline and online payments in popular cryptocurrencies easily.

John Tan, Alchemy Pay’s CEO, highlighted the importance of integration to the platform’s global growth.

“NIUM allows us to provide crypto and fiat acceptance at even more competitive prices and tap into lucrative new markets where we know there is serious demand,” he said.

“This is a huge step forward for us – our network now has more global coverage and is more attractive than ever.”

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