Twitter launches NFT PFP verification

Twitter hopes to provide the answer as it continues to enjoy a wellspring of interest on its platforms around NFTs like Crypto Punks and other digital collectibles and cryptocurrencies. The social media company debuted a feature that will verify a Twitter user’s ownership of a specific NFT. The function allows someone to link their ETHER wallet to their Twitter account. Once done, that person can display their NFTs as their Twitter profile pictures within a hexagonal frame, that hexagon serving the same function as an authentication signpost as Twitter’s blue checkmarks. Without some sort of verification tool, a dozen people could use the same NFT in their profile pictures without anyone knowing who really owned it, such as the drawback of digital art. For now, these verified NFTs are available only to iPhone users who pay for Twitter’s premium subscription service, Twitter Blue.

It is a small but significant move for Twitter, which has sought to capitalize on founder Jack Dorsey’s interest in cryptocurrency and make its site a hotbed for discussion around crypto, increasingly one of the internet’s favorite topics. These NFT profile pictures are the first publicly unveiled project since Twitter formed a specific unit about incorporating blockchain tech into the business. A few months earlier, Twitter announced it would allow bitcoin in its Tips function, where users can send money to a creator on the site.

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